About Me

With a B.A. in Communication from Wake Forest University and an M.A. in English from Virginia Commonwealth University, my background has prepared me well for working with words. Starting out in the naming departments for FutureBrand and Landor Associates in New York City, I've freelanced since 2001. Diverse experiences from stage acting to international travel to television production have enhanced my knowledge of things in general. When I'm not naming, I'm playing Scrabble, playing piano, or playing hooky. In fact, some of my best ideas have emerged from tangential activities. Staring at a computer doesn't always encourage creativity and problem-solving. Don't believe me? Try it at work. Let me know what happens.

I'm aware that naming consultants may in fact be shaping the language of tomorrow, and I approach my job with both ethical consideration and care. I'm passionate about what I do and dedicated to my clients. Each project brings new learning and a fresh challenge. Need a name? You name it, I can name it.

Elizabeth Smartt Portrait